Spring Amphibian Movement

email from Jim:

Herpers, one of my students just asked if the weather conditions forecast for tomorrow night might be appropriate for amphibian movement.  They might.  Looking at the current forecast though, it would be best after midnight.  Currently the percent chance for rain early in the evening tomorrow is low, but after midnight it is almost certain.  So, if any hard core herpers wanted to try a night-time road search after midnight tomorrow night in low areas of the Lake Champlain Valley they may see some early amphibian movement.  If the rains come early and the roads are wet when the sun goes down, there could be some movement earlier in the evening.

This spring’s arrival is late, just like last year.  Many years we have had amphibian activity before now.  We should have better conditions later on when the ice on the ponds and lakes has started to melt, but some small pools are open.  There are not any public crossing events planned at present, but if you don’t mind getting out late at night, you could give it a try late tomorrow night in the warmest lowest areas of the Lake Champlain Basin. 

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