Relative Total Lengths of Vermont Salamanders

This chart was compiled by Michael Iacchetta using salamander-length data from the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Database in April of 2014. The total length of a salamander is measured from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail. The longest 10% of each Vermont salamander species was averaged to determine the average adult total length. For species with sample sizes over 1000, only the largest 1% were included. Those species are marked with an asterisk after the species name. The hybrid groups associated with Jefferson and Blue-spotted Salamanders were separated from the pure individuals of each species.

The lengths in the left numerical column are those you would expect for mature adults of these species in Vermont. The right numerical column shows the number of individuals that made up the sub-sample for that species. The lengths in the middle are those for the largest, reliably-documented frog of that species from Vermont. Can you document a larger one?

Length Data for the Longest (Top 10%) Vermont Salamanders in Vermont (inches)
Species Average Total Length Longest Reported Sample Size Person(s) Who Recorded Longest
Four-toed Salamander 3.2 3.4 9 Emily Menzel & UVM Class
Eastern Red-backed Salamander* 3.9 4.3 78 Irene Linde & Warren Ellison
Northern Two-lined Salamander 3.9 5.4 73 Jeff Lizano & Winsor Lowe
Eastern Newt* 4.2 4.7 48 Jim Andrews
Northern Dusky Salamander 4.5 5.0 45 Jose Zevallos
Blue-spotted Salamander 4.8 5.0 6 Take PART
Blue-spotted Salamander group 6.2 6.5 5 Kenneth Mulder and Scott Casares
Jefferson Salamander 6.8 6.9 7 Steven Faccio
Jefferson Salamander group 6.8 7.1 14 Jim Andrews
Spring Salamander 7.3 7.7 22 Take PART
Spotted Salamander* 8.5 8.9 27 K. Friedman, T. Centofante, S. Monahan
Mudpuppy 13.1 14.8 74 I. Chellman, K. Briggs, G. Langlois

* For this species, as the sample sizes were over 1000, the largest 1% were included.