Quick Photo Reference: Frogs of Vermont

Identifying animals is often easier with photo references. Photos can help you limit possible identifications to just one or two likely species.

Click or tap to see reference photos for each group of frogs. The groups are based on visual similarities between animals, and are not a biological classification.

(Please note: preview images may not show the key identifying feature. Click or tap to see complete image.)

Green Frog, American Bullfrog, and Mink Frog

Vermont frogs with typically green (or greenish) upper lips. Click or tap an image to enlarge it.

Northern Leopard Frog and Pickerel Frog

Vermont frogs with spots and blotches used for identification. Notice color, shape, and color of borders of spots on the back. Click an image to enlarge it.

Gray Treefrog, American Toad and Fowler's Toad

These rounder frogs often have noticeably bumpy or textured skin. Click an image to enlarge it.

Wood Frog, Spring Peeper and Boreal Chorus Frog

These frogs are typically shades of brown (very much like dried autumn leaves). Click an image to enlarge it.

This information is also available as a downloadable PDF.