Detailed Identification & Life History Information

The charts below give very detailed identification and life history information. All charts include adult (and hatchling for snakes) identification information. The amphibian charts include information on larval and egg mass identification, as well as timing of mating, timing and location of oviposition, incubation time, length of larval stage, and how many eggs each female lays. The turtle chart includes egg shape and size, number of eggs laid per clutch, temperature dependent sex determination information, if they overwinter in the nest, if they have deciduous scutes, reported longevity, sexual dimorphism details, and size/age at sexual maturity. The snake and lizard chart includes the number of scale rows at mid-body and other characteristics helpful for identifying shed skins, if they give live birth or lay eggs, egg identification information, number of eggs or hatchlings, timing of mating, egg laying, and hatching/birth, size of hatchlings/young, and reported longevity.

Click on a link below to download or view the chart for each group of animals. Underlining in the charts indicates something unique (e.g. a field mark) that differentiates the animal either from other similar-looking species or from animals of the other sex. (Download or view in browser will depend on your browser settings. If nothing seems to happen when you click the link, check your Downloads folder. If the file has downloaded to your computer but you prefer to see it in your browser, try using a different browser or changing your browser settings.)