Practice Conservation

How You Can Help Reptiles and Amphibians

We welcome your support and conservation efforts. Whether you can do something small or large, do something. and thanks.

  • Turtle PosterObserve herptiles (and contribute records individually or as organizations)
  • Learn more about them with posters, guidebooks, and going outside
  • Donate through PayPal, or with a check or money order
  • Teach (we can help you)
  • Work with your local Conservation and/or Planning Commission
  • Take classes (with us or your local university, college, and after-school groups)
  • Do research
  • Change things around your house to protect and encourage local, native species. You might:
    • Garden with native plants
    • Reduce or refuse pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides in your garden and/or lawn
    • Provide suitable habitat for local species: small pools; shady and cool shelter for toads or salamanders; basking areas for snakes, and so on
    • View our management resources for details and further suggestions
  • Ask your journalists to discover and report on efforts to conserve and threats being faced by herptiles
    Including discovering, reporting on, and advocating for amphibian crossings
  • Practice conservation with each action, purchase, and use of resources
  • Check out other pages on our site for more information:

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution in any amount, please make a check payable to Vermont Family Forests, write “Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas” in the memo field, and send it to Jim Andrews at

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