Support and Funding

The Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas is an independent program, working in partnership with many organizations and individuals.  We are pleased to be working with Vermont Family Forests as our fiscal agent.  Vermont Family Forests is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization with shared conservation goals.  If you’d like to donate, please see our Donate page for details (do not send checks directly to Vermont Family Forests, or they may not know who the donation is for!).  Our funds come from outside grants, contributions, and the sale of posters, hats, and atlases.

We need your support for our reptile and amphibian conservation, education and outreach, and mapping efforts. You can easily donate online using Paypal. Please visit our Donate page for more options.

In 2019, we organized our first fundraiser. It was motivated by a decline in our regular grant funding and a pressing need to get all our data online for future use and assign accurate latitude and longitude coordinates to older records. The fundraiser was a huge success, so we tried it again the following year. We now hold annual winter fundraisers to raise $20-25,000 to support Herp Atlas projects that are not adequately funded by our grants.  Thanks to all who participated in our 20192020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 fundraisers on GoFundMe, whether you donated, shared photos, shared the fundraiser (especially local news station WCAX), helped put the whole thing together, and/or kept on observing, conserving, and reporting herps. We are very grateful. You are keeping us going!


Our Regular Funding Sources

We would like to thank:

Observers, Helpers, and Researchers

The atlas is compiled by Jim Andrews using records generously contributed by many individuals and organizations.  Cartography is provided by Kiley Briggs of the Orianne Society.  Cindy Brown enters the data and Erin Talmage and Kate Kelly contribute additional technical assistance.  The website is hosted by Kir Talmage of metasilk webworks.  Content updates are by Jim Andrews, Kir Talmage and Kiley Briggs, with help from Kate Kelly.  Poster design and layout was by Ariel K. McK. Burgess.  Species summaries (used on posters and in individual species web pages) were written by Jim Andrews, Ariel K. McK. Burgess, and Michael Iacchetta.