Frog Calling Times

Different frog species call (or sing, or chorus) at different times throughout the spring and summer.

The charts below show our data on when Vermont-resident frog species are calling. The earliest dates we have on file are in March; the latest in August. These data include only breeding calls from breeding habitat and not the other types of calls that Vermont frogs occasionally make.

Some species such as Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) and Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens) can occasionally be heard calling on warm fall days. This is usually not from breeding habitat but rather from the foraging habitat and the calls are either weaker versions of the spring call, or in the case of the Spring Peeper, a slightly different call. On one occasion I (Jim Andrews) heard an entire chorus of Spring Peepers calling from breeding habitat on a wet and warm Thanksgiving day in Leicester, Vermont. Gray Treefrogs (Hyla versicolor) will often call during the day from their foraging habitat in trees before and after their breeding seasons as long as the temperature is very warm (>70°F).

If the weather is unseasonably mild, even late-breeding species may begin to call much earlier than would normally be expected. Calling times begin and end later at well-shaded locations and at higher elevations.

More Frequently Heard Species
Common Name Approximate Dates Heard
Spring Peeper March through July
Wood Frog March through June
American Toad April through July
Gray Treefrog April through July
Green Frog April through early August
American Bullfrog May through early August

Less Frequently Reported Species
Common Name Approximate Dates Heard
Boreal Chorus Frog April through May
Northern Leopard Frog April through May
Pickerel Frog April through June
Fowler’s Toad June through July
Mink Frog May through early August

Source: Rosy Metcalfe and James S. Andrews 2024