About the Atlas Project

Our Mission

The Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project collects and disseminates data needed to make informed recommendations regarding the state status, state rank, and conservation of Vermont’s reptiles and amphibians. With the help of volunteers, collaborations with conservation organizations, and staff members, we are continuing to collect information and broaden our knowledge base regarding the natural history, distribution, and effective conservation of Vermont’s Reptiles and Amphibians. The ultimate goal of the Atlas is to gather and disseminate the data that are needed on the reptiles and amphibians of Vermont in a way that involves and informs Vermont individuals and organizations so that they can become more informed and effective stewards of wildlife habitat.

About the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Online Atlas

This site provides an important resource for people interested in Vermont’s Reptiles and Amphibians, and their conservation. It presents what we know today about the distribution of individual species in Vermont, and identifies gaps in this knowledge.

Beyond this, we hope to encourage people to help fill in the many gaps remaining in our records. That includes you, your group, your students: get involved!

We also hope to stimulate and support research and conservation initiatives throughout the state.