Printed Atlas

2019 Update: in print

The 2019 version of the Atlas is sold out! We hope to have a new version available in 2024.

We are very excited to announce that the 2019 soft-cover edition of the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas is now available!

This Atlas includes all the maps included on this website, the supporting documents and lists of contributors, plus additional and updated information on relative abundance, subspecies and hybrids, unconfirmed species, and background information. Since our first Atlas was published in 1995, over 7,000 individuals have contributed more than 98,000 additional records to our database. These much-improved maps reflect the state of our distribution knowledge through 2017.

This atlas is not an identification and natural history guide, but a guide to the known distribution of all of Vermont’s reptiles and amphibians.

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All proceeds from the sales of this edition will support the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas. The Atlas costs $15 (plus $0.90 for Vermont sales tax). Shipping is $4 (please add $2 for each additional atlas in the package). Calculate your cost (one Atlas including tax and shipping costs $19.90, and two cost $37.80), then you can pay via PayPal or check. Note that the 2019 Atlas is sold out!

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Printed Atlas Table of Contents: Preview

Note: We’ve added links to the relevant online page for your reference. There is some information available in the printed atlas that is not available currently on our website.

  1. Copyright and Recommended Citation
  2. Introduction and History
  3. Vermont Reptiles and Amphibians
  4. Relative Abundance Tables: Amphibians, Reptiles
  5. Useful Sources of Information
  6. Additional Reading
  7. Search Tips and Handling
  8. Permits
  9. Vermont Salamander Lengths
  10. Vermont Frog Lengths
  11. Vermont Turtle Lengths
  12. Vermont Snake Lengths
  13. Vermont Frog Calling Times
  14. Map Information
  15. Vermont Salamander Maps (Alphabetical by Scientific Names)
  16. Vermont Frog Maps (Alphabetical by Scientific Names)
  17. Vermont Snake Maps (Alphabetical by Scientific Names)
  18. Vermont Lizard Maps (Alphabetical by Scientific Names)
  19. Vermont Turtle Maps (Alphabetical by Scientific Names)
  20. Contributors of 20-99 Records
  21. Contributors of 100 or more Records