Herp Update, January 18, 2021

surprisingly I have received reports of two Wood Turtles, one Spotted Salamander and one Gray Treefrog in the last two weeks.  The Spotted Salamander was reported by Kristine G in Burlington.  She sent a video that showed the poor salamander barely moving across the surface of the snow as a result of being so cold.  She moved it to a nearby location with lots of cover.  It is a mystery why that salamander was moving.  She did not see any signs of disturbance in the area but she said it was a popular hiking area.

Scott D reported a Gray Treefrog inside his home in Bridport.  It was in a plant that they had brought in for the winter.  I have had a few reports of Gray Treefrogs being brought in with plants over the years.  Scott and his wife could hear the frog but they have not been able to actually see it.

Two Wood Turtles were reported.  Julie B saw hers in the stream where it was overwintering.  Monique G on the other hand, found her turtle upside down on the ice next to the stream.  She waded in the stream to rescue her turtle (way to go Monique!).  She said it had frozen to the ice.  She broke it free and released it in the river where it swam away.  We suspected an otter might have captured and moved that turtle and she responded that there were many otter tracks along the stream that day.

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