Amphibians moving tonight


if the current forecast holds and roads are wet after dark, amphibians should be moving tonight. It should be good conditions to get out and fill in some missing data gaps by taking photos of the targeted amphibians you find on the road.

If you have never done a nighttime road search, you simply pick a quiet country road between a wetland and some woods and walk that road with a flashlight looking for amphibians.

Safety is paramount so park well off the road, and wear light or reflective clothing so that you can be seen, and take a friend.

I have attached an Excel table that includes only S4 & S5 species likely to move tonight that need to be photo-documented. They are currently sorted by the number of species in each town that we need to document. For example you will see that Bloomfield is at the top of the list with four species. St. Albans City is next. If you see a town listed that is near you, consider getting out for an hour or two after dark with your camera. Although I have only included a selection of common species on the table, other more unusual species such as Blue-spotted Salamander and Four-toed Salamander should be moving as well.

I look forward to your help filling in some of these data gaps.


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