Herp Update: Publications, Fundraising, Conservation Course – December 27, 2021

Herp Update: December 27, 2021, Happy Holidays!

Upcoming Scientific Publications

Although one of our major goals is to communicate directly with Vermont residents, we frequently supply data or articles that are communicated to other scientists and the public through peer-reviewed journals. These articles can then be used to help conserve reptiles and amphibians both here in Vermont and in other states and provinces in North America. We currently have two such articles about to come out in scientific journals.

The first article will be published in Biological Conservation and it is titled Distribution models combined with standardized surveys reveal widespread habitat loss in a threatened turtle species. The turtle it discusses is the Wood Turtle. Although I am listed as one of the many authors, Lis Willey did the writing. We get credit because we supplied Vermont data on Wood Turtles and much of that data has come from report contributors such as you. This article will be available soon.

Erin Talmage and I also put together an article for Northeastern Naturalist that will come out in print in their next issue. It is titled: Phenological Differences in Wood Frog and Spotted Salamander Egg-Mass Onset and Peak Accumulation . It is already available online at: https://bioone.org/journals/northeastern-naturalist/volume-28/issue-4/045.028.0404/Phenological-Differences-in-Wood-Frog-and-Spotted-Salamander-Egg-Mass/10.1656/045.028.0404.short

The gathering of the data, the writing, and the publishing costs for this second article were all paid through the Colby Hill Ecological Project which was set up and funded by the late Lester and Monique Anderson of Lincoln. They set up a fund through the Vermont Community Foundation that pays for ecological survey and monitoring on their former lands.

The Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Annual Fundraiser

As of this morning (Monday), the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas fundraiser has raised about $18,000 toward our goal of $25,000 for next year . We have only $7,000 to go. If you have not donated already, please donate . If you have donated already, thanks again. To learn more about what we have accomplished over the past year and to see the many ways you can contribute , please visit our GoFundMe site at:


Or visit our website at: VtHerpAtlas.org

Our upcoming course: Conserving Vermont’s Reptiles

There are only a few slots remaining in our Conserving Vermont’s Reptiles course scheduled for this winter (remote) and next spring (outdoors). For more information or to register visit either: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/conserving-vermonts-reptiles-tickets-211892103987 or https://familyforests.org/conserving-vermonts-reptiles/

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