Still some herps and hats

Still some herps and hats

Herpers, over the last few days we have received reports of an adult Spotted Salamander moving over the snow in Lyndon (Jim Connor) and an American Toad crossing a road in Cambridge (Zach Cota-Weaver).  Often winter movement is the result of disturbance by predators, or construction.  One report of a Common Gartersnake moving across the snow a couple winters ago could be tracked back (yes, snake tracks in the snow) to a log that had been ripped apart by a predator.  But neither of these two reports seemed to be linked to any soil disturbance.  They appear to be amphibians still looking for good cover for the winter.

We sold all but two of the two-toned HerpAtlas hats but we still have quite a few of the all khaki (adult) hats, and children’s hats (reduced to $25 including shipping).  We should still be able to get these to you by X-mas if you let me know right away.  Send me an e-mail and I will put them in the mail right away and you can send the check.

Jim Andrews
642 Smead Road
Salisbury, VT  05769

We met our fundraising goal for 2020.  Thanks!

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