to the Herpers: Update on last week

a note from Jim:

Herpers, I am still working my way through all the reports from early last week. Amphibians were moving in great numbers on Monday night clear to the Canadian border. Lots of great reports and photos have come in. Spotted Salamanders were moving statewide though they were moving away from breeding sites in the Lake Champlain Basin and toward breeding sites in the higher mountain, and north central towns. In order of egg-laying, we now have Jefferson Salamanders, Wood Frogs, and Spotted Salamander egg-masses reported. Pure Blue-spotted Salamanders just lay single eggs, and hybrids small groups of eggs, but they have also been deposited already here in the valley.

Although, I am thrilled so many people had success in finding amphibians and enjoyed a great night outdoors, I want to highlight one family in this e-mail. Louis Bushey of Barnet took his family to Waterford for the express purpose of filling in some distribution gaps for the Atlas on Monday night. They reported and photographed nine species from Watertown and they were the first ever to photo-document five of them from Waterford: Wood Frog, Spotted Salamander, Eastern Red-backed Salamander, American Bullfrog, and Spring Peeper.

These warm and wet spring nights are great opportunities to help us fill in our data gaps and it is not hard to do. Check our online tables for what needs to be documented in your area, find a quiet country road between a wetland and some woods on Google Earth and plan to head out there on the next warm and wet spring night.

Here is the link to the table once again:

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Jim Andrews

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