to the Herpers: Amphibian Migration Tonight

to the Herpers: Amphibian Migration Tonight

a note from Jim:

Herpers, tonight looks good for amphibian migration. I have had scores of reports of amphibians sightings over the past week. They have come from dozens of towns from Brattleboro, north west to Grand Isle and as far north in central Vermont as Barnet and Woodbury.

Still, when I have checked ponds for egg-masses in Salisbury and Lincoln, there were only Wood Frog eggs visible. Despite the very early reports of Spotted Salamanders migrating in the Lake Champlain Basin and some even heading back uphill, no one has yet reported seeing any Spotted Salamander eggs. So, I suspect there are still Spotted Salamanders out there that have not yet moved, even in the warmer lowland areas.

Further north and east, the amphibian season is just beginning with the earliest migrants (Jefferson Salamanders and Wood Frogs) just starting to be reported. Some northern Vermont herpers report that there is still too much snow in Island Pond and only a few Wood Frogs have been seen. Perhaps that will change tonight.

Ideally, I would like the forecast to show rain continuing well after dark to insure that the roads remain wet. Where I live, that is not the case, but I will be out looking anyhow. The temperatures forecast for tonight are much warmer than the last few wet nights, and the rains we are receiving now may well keep the roads wet after dark.

Good luck, and if you can, please try to fill in one of our distribution gaps for the spring migrants. I have attached a few needed-documentation lists here again, and remember that anything that looks like a Jefferson, Blue-spotted, or Four-toed Salamander from a previously unreported site, should be photographed and reported.

Lastly, don’t forget that we are still well short of our goal for our fundraiser. If you are in a position to donate, please visit our GoFundMe site below for details.

Jim Andrews

We are in the middle of our fundraiser. Please visit our GoFundMe site to find out how you can help.



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