Spring Migration Update


I received only a few herp reports from last night. In general, reports from the Lake Champlain Basin suggest that it was a relatively slow night, but there were still a wide variety of early-season amphibians moving. Over the last week, many reports have come in of both Wood Frogs and Spring Peepers calling. By the time you hear Spring Peepers calling steadily from a given site, most of the Jefferson and Blue-spotted Salamanders as well as the Wood Frogs should already have reached the breeding sites and some are starting to move back uphill. Spotted Salamanders and Spring Peepers continue to move to breeding sites for a few weeks after the first reports of them come in, while Wood Frogs call for a few days and then most of them head back up into the woods. Blue-spotted Salamanders seem to spend most of the summer and fall in the lowlands near their breeding sites and don’t move back uphill until fall.

Up in north central Vermont we have had the first reports of Wood Frogs moving in the warmer valleys, while Kiley Briggs reports that many places are still quite snow covered.

Erin Talmage checked for egg-masses at a study site in Lincoln but there were none to be found at that elevation yet. Kate Kelly spotted both Painted and Snapping Turtles two days ago at Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge in Swanton.

Looking at the forecast for the next week, it is unclear when the next amphibian migration night might be, but I am willing to bet I will be getting some reports of turtles and a few snakes tomorrow as well as next Monday and Tuesday. Perhaps you could find some.

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