Herp Update: End GoFundMe ’22, field trip drawing, thanks to illustrators – February 1, 2022

Fundraiser for 2022 has ended

Herpers, we shut down our GoFundMe site today.  We had a very successful fundraiser raising $24,424 for our work in 2022.  Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped make this drive successful.  If you were still planning on contributing once your taxes were done, you can contribute through our PayPal link:  https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/VtHerpAtlas or by writing a check made out either to me or Vermont Family Forests and sending it to me.  We hope to have a fundraising event this summer or fall that should be quite different than our usual.

Drawing for the free field trip for you and up to ten friends

I will wait a couple weeks before drawing for the free field trip.  We will draw one name from the list of people who contributed between $200 and $999 (22 people).

Those who contributed $1,000 or more, qualify for a field trip automatically (3 people).  We will be in touch.

Thanks to the artists who contributed their work

Thanks to Cassidy Arden and Ashley Wolff for the artwork they contributed for gifts during the fundraiser.  Here is some basic info about them.  I will attach photos of their donated work as well.  Cassidy’s piece is the red salamander on the left and Ashley’s is on the right and contains multiple salamanders and print.

red and black illustration of salamander by Cassidy Arden and used with permissionCassidy Arden lives in Burlington, Vermont, and was raised in the Northeast Kingdom. Her art often focuses on themes within biology and humanity’s relationship to the natural world. Beyond print-making, Cassidy enjoys performance art and you can spot her fantastical forest creatures walking around at Burlington’s South End Art Hop.

postcard design for herping by Ashley Wolff and used with permissionAshley Wolff  lives in Leicester and grew up in Middlebury.  She is the author and/or illustrator of over 55 children’s picture books.  Her books have won numerous state and national awards.



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