to Herpers: spermatophores and good weather coming

Herpers, I received a few reports of full Wood Frog choruses yesterday afternoon and a couple folks have seen spermatophores but almost no-one has reported any egg-masses yet.

There probably will be some migration tonight if it rains in your area. The percentages for rain in my area are fairly low and dropping, but if it rains in other lowland areas of the state after dark, there will almost certainly be some activity. The better looking nights for the Champlain Valley are Sunday and Monday. The percent chance of rain is above 70% at 7 PM on Sunday, gets higher later in the evening and continues throughout the day on Monday with a possibility of thunderstorms. So, Sunday night should be good once the rains start and Monday night could have lots of activity if the rains continue through most of the day.

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