News of the Atlas

Fairly often, the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas is publicized on television, on the radio, in newspapers, magazines, podcasts, videos, and on the web. We are always pleased and grateful when this happens.

To read more about the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project or related herptile conservation efforts in Vermont please explore some of the following articles, cited below, to learn more about our activities. Sometimes links offsite expire; please let the webmistress know if this happens. Such links will be made inactive in our citations below. If we have permission, we will provide a reprint instead.

If you’d like to write about us, or discuss herptiles with us, please contact Jim Andrews. We’re always happy to hear from you. Thanks.


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These awards were received by Jim Andrews or the Vermont Reptile & Amphibian Atlas.

Recipient of the Otter Creek Audubon Society’s Silver Feather Award in honor of notable devotion, dedication, and untiring effort given on behalf of the preservation and enjoyment of the natural communities of Addison County. 1997

Recipient of the Paul and Dorothea Stockwell Environmental Award from the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, in recognition of reptile and amphibian research, outreach, education, and advocacy work throughout Vermont. 2005

Distinguished Achievement Award for the course Highways and Habitats, from The Northeast Transportation and Wildlife Conference (with others). 2014

Environmental Excellence Award for the Monkton Amphibian and Wildlife Crossing, from the Federal Highway Administration (with others). 2017

Award for Excellence in Herpetofaunal Conservation, from Northeast Partners Reptile and Amphibian Conservation. 2017

Sally Laughlin Award for the Protection of Threatened and Endangered Species in the state of Vermont, from the Secretary of the VT Agency of Natural Resources. 2019

USDOT, Federal Highway Administration Environmental Excellence Award, for Vermont Highways and Habitats, Road Ecology Training for Transportation Professionals (with others). 2022

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