Herp Update: frozen Gartersnake – April 3, 2021

Herp Update: frozen Gartersnake – April 3, 2021

Herpers, one of the more interesting reports to come in over the last two days was this report and photo from Ken Hatch of a Common Gartersnake frozen into a thin layer of ice in Addison.

Ken reported:

“I found this Garter Snake frozen in the ice at Dead Creek WMA, Brilyea Access in Addison on 2021-03-30.  It never moved while it was in the ice but did start moving around when I picked it up.  I got a few photos of it frozen in the ice and then moved it over to a spot of sun … so it could warm up.  When we later came back by the spot it had moved and we did not see it in the area where I had left it.”

I attached a photo that Ken sent.  I have never had a report of a snake frozen in the ice.  Snakes don’t usually emerge until most of the ice is gone but the unseasonably warm daytime temperatures probably brought this snake to the surface too early.   These sorts of issues for wildlife are likely to become more common as a result of climate change.

I will be a guest on WDEV radio’s Vermont Viewpoint with Ric Cengeri Monday morning from 9 AM to 10 AM.  They are 96.1 FM on your dial or you can livestream them.  This is a call in radio program, so please do call in with any reptile and amphibian related questions.  I hope to hear from a few of you.

Jim Andrews

[Added later: link to the archived Vermont Viewpoint Program: https://wdevradio.com/amphibians-and-reptiles-and-the-real-estate-market/ ]

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